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End of Story
Starring Bethany Sweet & Victoria Arnett

Starring Janice & Victoria

Deadly Game
Starring:  Various

Car Trouble 2004
Starring Paris

Joined at the Neck
Starring Valorie Keene & Meghan Miles

Room Service
Starring Marina

Treacherous Secretary
Starring Victoria Arnett & Bethany Sweet

Starring Lyric

Westward Ho's

An Epic Feature Film


Death By Wine

Starring Ashley Fires

Game Show:  Love or Death, Part 3 & Bonus

Starring Tricia Taylor and Paris Kennedy

A RumSpringa Films Production

The Killing Game

Starring Moxxie and Ivy


Game Show:  Love or Death, Part 2

Starring Victoria


Terminated Traitors, starring Savannah

Game Show:  Love or Death--Part 1, starring Savannah

LEGACY, starring Savannah, Kitty, Zodiac, Lena, Pixie

Making The Grade, starring Alicia

Kitchen Stabbing, starring Sirena

Paris in the Morgue, starring Paris

Chilled, starring Ivy Kimble


Gonzo the Great, starring SynDevil

Witness Execution, starring Savannah and Victoria

Jealous Mother, starring Pixie and Yvette

Double Homicide, starring Malice and Elle

Strip To Die, starring Roxxi

Bountiful Gassing, starring Paris and Yvette

Remember Me, starring Veronika



Deadly Watcher, starring Pixie

Easy Prey 6, starring Rita

DELICACY, starring Lyric

Crime Scene/Morgue, starring Steely

Dead of the Night, starring Ashley Drew

Hot Tub Surprise, starring Moxxie

Stalker Strangle, starring Tanya and Loren

Contract Hit, starring Anaya

Final Scream, starring Annette

Canizon III, starring Rita

Lovers Quarrel, starring Jasmine and Veronika

Crime Scene/Morgue, starring Marina

Execution At Dawn, starring Moxxie and Ivy

Fester and the Nurse, starring Valorie

Lynerd, starring Pixie and Zodiac

No Trespassing, starring Cari, Janice, and Victoria

Deadly Holmes, Case #2, starring Christy

Sleep Like The Dead, starring Carmen


Models Inc., starring Linly

Breaking Up, starring Sirena and Amber

Wicked Landlady I, starring Cari and Kensington

CHARLIE, starring Meghan and Annette

Spy Termination, starring Saphire

Careless Drinker, starring Savannah


Wicked Landlady III---Produced by RumSpringa Films

And, don't forget the classics...

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