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Rocky Ridge Massacre

Massacre At Rocky Ridge
rating: unrated horror
DVD $ 29.95
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Starring: Ann Thompson, Gwen Arthur, Valorie Keene, Julie Simone, Victoria Arnett, Maria Shadoes
Directed by John Marshall
Time:  1hr 20mins

Also starring Paris Kennedy, Savannah, Lexi Harrison and Martin Chandler.

A mysterious stranger visits a camp site and tells the campers about one horrific night in the deep woods...

It's training weekend for a group of counselor newbies at Rocky Ridge campsite and the host counselors, as usual, have a handful with this year's bunch. Tricia is a little too excited to be here, while Gwen just wants to get it over with. Victoria is rich Miss Perfect, who can't seem to keep her hands to herself..

Counselors Ann and Maria are at each other's throats while trying to train this new bunch in the fine art of camper management.

Meanwhile a serial killer is lurking nearby, ready to teach them ALL a lesson they will remember for the rest of their lives...however many minutes that might be!

Shot in the tradition of 80's excess slasher movies mixed with 90's teen comedies, there is no shortage of blood and campy entertainment in this exciting video.