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RueMorgue General FAQ

Q: What is RueMorgue?
A: We are a fantasy web site specializing in erotic demise of female victims. We offer a place for other folks who have similar interests to gather and share stories, purchase our DVD's, and discuss related topics on our message board.

Q: What does it cost to join?
A: Nothing. Ruemorgue.com is a free site. We do have a Photosets PPV and Mpeg PPV section within our site. In addition, we have a sister site called Cyber-Sinema. Links to the various sections and our sister site are located at the top of every page

Q: Do you sell movies?
A: Yes, as of this writing we have about 130 original DVD titles.

Q: What could I expect out of your movies?
A: What you should not expect is a Hollywood quality production. Our movies are made based on custom requests, subscriber submitted fantasies, and stories from our own twisted psyche. Budgets may be low, but content is very high. You can expect from every RueMorgue production, a high level of tasteful nudity, gorgeous women and plenty of fantasy violence, bloodshed and gore.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Because the appreciation of any movie is entirely subjective, all sales are final. If a disc is defective, it will be replaced upon return to us at no charge.

Q: My DVD is unplayable, what do I do?
A: First, make sure the DVD is not dirty, including fingerprints. Next, try the DVD both in a home player and a computer-based DVD player. Our DVD's will play in most newer home DVD players. If you have questions check the specifications of your DVD Player to see if it will play DVD-R. If you feel certain the DVD is defective, please email Support.

Q: How long does it take to receive DVD's that I order though your web site via a credit card?
A: Please allow 7-10 days from the date of order placed inside the continental USA. International order may take 2-4 weeks. Certain countries contain strict custom laws. You must be aware of your country's laws before you order as we are not responsible for orders confiscated by customs.

Q: I snail mailed my order, how long am I supposed to wait?
A: Please allow 2-4 weeks for orders placed in the USA and 4-6 weeks for international orders. Certain countries contain strict custom laws. You must be aware of your country's laws before you order as we are not responsible for orders confiscated by customs.

Q: It has been over the normal amount of time and my order has not been received, whom do I contact?
A: Please contact Support.

Q: Why do some orders take longer then others?
A: Shipping times vary depending on where you live. We ship from Oregon and it takes 6-7 weekdays days for an order to reach the East coast. The closer you are to the Northwest, the shorter the ship time. We have a second day air option as well. Snail mail orders are only picked up once a week and take the longest to process.

Q: What does shipping and handling actually cover?
A: It covers the shipping costs of our products, which are $4.14 to 6.15 for Ground UPS service for up to 1lbs in the US. International Orders are shipped by Global Priority Mail. The rest of the money covers what we pay for the labor cost for packaging, and shipping the orders. This also covers the various record-keeping aspects of this, including tracking of orders, and follow-up on problematic orders.

Q: Do you offer tapes in PAL format?
A: No, however, all our DVD's are encoded as region 0, and will play all over the world.

Q: When is your next movie?
A: We have no idea. The best thing to do is watch our forum.

Q: What is your forum for?
A: On topic discussion, stories, positive comments, constructive criticisms, and news of the necro community. We have a zero tolerance for abuse of us, the producers and/or the models. We welcome positive, courteous, and tasteful criticism and suggestions.

Q: Can I critique a model or complain about something on your forum?
A: No. Our models read this message board and should not be exposed to negative comments about the very difficult job they do. Complaints about anything must be emailed to Support.

Q: Will you remove posts that break your clearly stated rules?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I advertise on your forum?
A: No.

Q: Can I talk about other sites on your forum?
A: Yes, in the discussion portion of our forum you may do so as part of a topic. We ask that you respect the fact that our private forum is for our self-promotion and that you do not discuss competitor's pay site. Free sites are OK.

Q: Can I post photos on your forum?
A: No.

Q: Is RueMorgue non-profit.
A: No.

Q: How do you, Hank and John, make your money on this site?
A: Our income is derived from production of custom videos, the sales of DVD's, and from material that is downloaded from our MPEG sites and PPV photosets (that is, of course, after expenses; i.e. production costs, site cost, duplication, equipment, etc). Thanks for your support!

Q: I like what you do, how can I help?
A: The best way to help is by purchasing our DVD's and downloads. Most of the money is used to make new movies, improve our equipment, and pay for the many other costs we incur in the upkeep of this site. We would also love to hear your positive comments on our forum, or you can always email Hank or JohnM.

Q: How do I order a custom movie or photoset?
A: First you should have a script idea and an idea of the model or model type you would like. Also, please be familiar with our price ranges listed below. Then, please contact henrys@ruemorgue.com to start the process.

Q: How much do custom movie or photosets cost?
A: Custom movies start at $900. Custom photosets start at $700. We can not give a firm quote without knowing the plot/script. For more information, please e-mail your script/plot to henrys@ruemorgue.com for a quote on the cost of producing it for you.

Q: What should I expect from a RueMorgue custom movie or photo shoot?
A: Exactly what you have in your custom script, within the boundaries and scope of a low-cost production company. We have produced a multitude of customs over the years and would be happy to have other satisfied customers contact you and relate their experience.

Q: Where does the custom money go?
A: The bulk of the money goes to the model or models involved, transportation, lodging, and meals. Hank and JohnM shoot the video on their own time and money. Later, when the custom, which is property of RueMorgue, is used in future movies and photosets, we may make a profit (Again, after costs of maintaining the site, etc).

Q: How long before I get my custom?
A: It usually takes 1-2 months from the time we shoot it depending on how many we have to do. Some may be finished sooner, and some later. Our editors priority is to do the best possible job, not the fastest. They are processed on a first come first served basis.

Q: I sponsored Westward Ho's. How long before I see it?
A: Currently, Ho's is in post production. As we get closer to finishing it we will post announcements on the forum. Currently, we do not have a release date.

Q: What if I see your photos and movies displayed and/or sold on other sites?
A: Tell us about it, especially if our URL or logo does not appear in the photo. Only a very few sites have permission to display our material and we would want to know if someone is trying to profit from our hard work. Whistle-blowing, in most cases, will also get you a little thank you gift from us.

Q: I want to work for RueMorgue, what do I do?
A: RueMorgue is always looking for talented models and actresses. Please contact henrys@ruemorgue.com or JohnM@ruemorgue.com for more information.

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